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Do not let the term “pop up” confuse you. Our pop-up escape rooms are not just boxes full of locks or puzzles on pieces of paper. We offer an escape experience like no other in the area, delivered directly to you, and proctored by our highly-trained staff. In other words, we transform your space into our immersive escape experiences!

If you are looking for a purpose-driven team building and bonding activity that can be brought to your place of business, or to a venue of your choosing, our pop-up escape rooms fit the bill!

  • The Ultimate Team Building – our pop-up experiences mimic the rigors of the workplace with a fun sense of urgency

  • Skills Seminara crash course on positive team dynamics and how they relate to success in our pop-up activity and beyond

  • Build Better Teams– coaching, facilitation and assessments can be used in tandem with our pop-up games to help you discover your team’s unique strengths, personalities, and communication styles so you can better work together

  • After Action Review– we direct self evaluations, lead discussion on what went well and what went awry in our pop-up escape rooms, and identify team strengths and focused areas for improvement

pop-up escape rooms perfect for corporate team building


MBIndustries is consulting with your company and MBI CEO/Eccentric billionaire Milton Lemons has given his son Jerry the task of liaison between the two companies.

Due to his incredible forgetfulness, a time sensitive item is locked away in his safe. The bad news: Jerry himself is unable to help. The good: Jerry has left clues throughout his office to help re-jog his memory of different codes and passwords in the event that he inevitably forgets them.

Now you have an hour to follow the clues, problem solve, and get into Jerry’s safe before it is too late!

pop-up escape rooms great activity for team building


Eccentric billionaire Milton B. Lemons has endowed the McLemon Super Genius Grant valued at 1M American dollars to the fastest team to pass his test. The Billionaire’s Test is multiple collaborative escape experiences taking place simultaneously. Each groups’ success is crucial to the success of the entire team, so choose your crews wisely!

Is your team up to the challenge?

This escape room is perfect for groups of 24- 100 people.

pop-up escape rooms- great team bonding


Our Pop Up Escape Rooms are perfect for Purpose-Driven Team Building. Our Escape Rooms promote collaboration, problem solving, and innovation with a fun sense of urgency. Managers can use our Pop Up Rooms to encourage team efforts and to build relationships, while also discovering team members’ hidden strengths!


Our Pop Up Room Proctors take meaningful notes during your Escape Experience, and upon request, can lead a self-assessment session afterward to key in on team strengths and areas that need improvement. We can also supply management with a Report Card detailing team performance.

“If any one is looking for an easy to organise, fun team building or just a laugh with mates I can’t recommend this bunch enough! Really well thought out puzzles and back story with all kinds of gadgets! And great engagement from the organisers..”

Chris Pink, Local BioTech Company

“[Jerry’s Office] was very well thought out. It required us to put our heads together as a team and utilize each other’s strengths in order to escape. It was an awesome learning experience to see where each of our teammates took the reins and led us through the different problems to solve. You won’t be disappointed with this one.”

Leslie Friedman

“Michelle and her team are wonderful to work with! We host many corporate groups that request fun and interactive team building options. Michelle’s escape the room for small or large groups is always a popular choice. Her team building programs are creative, customizable and engage all types of mindsets. It truly takes a team effort to break out of the room in the time allotted. Not only is she talented but also genuine, reliable and professional. Our customers and my teammates love working her!”

Suzanne Gildea, Normandy Farm

“SAGE Escape Rooms conducted a 90+ person team building exercise with my team at Hilton, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. They customized the game to align with the client’s team culture, and the client had a great time! The planning process was simple and Michelle was very responsive to all our specifications. Book SAGE Escape if you want an engaging team building that can be catered to your specific needs!”

I used SAGE! for a corporate meeting I was planning and my attendees could not stop raving about it! I was thoroughly impressed by how they could take a simple hotel ballroom and make it into multiple escape rooms. Michelle and her team were always quick to respond and adapted quickly to the changes my clients gave them. Highly recommend for an out of the box team building idea!

Some of our “Super Awesome” Clients: